Plant nursery "Dąbrówka" exists since 1993 - production of the surface occupied 0.3 ha. Since 1996, started the dynamic development of farms, which continues to the present day. In 2001, we worked on the surface of 5.5 ha. In 2002, we started to invest in Brudzice, whereby the surface increased to 26 ha in that 16 ha growing.

In our nursery plants produced:

- coniferous shrubs in containers
- coniferous shrubs in cultivation of land
- deciduous shrubs
- grafted forms
- climbers
- ericaceous plants


    On request, the plants are equipped with labels thermo-transfer, which may be the name, price and bar code. Shrubs which have labels with photos are provided with. We sell our products to garden centerscontractors offering design and establishment of gardens, municipal offices and exported to Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden. Our company also offers design and establishment of gardens.

Plant nursery is a member of the Polish Nurserymen Association.

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Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych "Dąbrówka"